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In this article you can check the 7 tips to become a successful makeup artist, have access to an exclusive checklist and also check topics such as: How much to charge for makeup and how to become a professional makeup artist

If you are looking for tips to become a successful makeup artist you have found the right place.

In this article I tell you everything you need to have a successful makeup artist career, I also made available a checklist with the most important points for you to organize yourself and go further and further in your makeup career.

Organizing and drawing up a goal plan is of paramount importance in order to be able to measure your progress. But how do you do that? Where to start?

You check it all out now. Prepare to be very successful in this glamorous career.

1 – What to do to work as a makeup artist?

Start with a good professional course, whether online or in person.

In this article, you can see the 8 steps to choose the professional makeup course that is right for you

Invest in good materials and products, as they directly determine the final result and the durability of your makeup.

Also decide your way of answering. Will you have a space right from the start, will you attend at home or will you attend in a salon?

The way you serve your customers also influences the final value of your makeup.

2 – Invest in your profession

Investing in new products, offering a more comfortable chair or stretcher for your customers, improving the quality and location of your space, etc. All of this takes you to the next level.
It is very important to keep up to date on techniques, products and trends. This makes you a reference in what you do, being always on the “crest of the wave” makes you a successful makeup artist.

3 – How to grow in the career of makeup artist?

To grow in your career, it is extremely important to be constantly evolving.

The ideal is to have a written career plan, with goals and dates to be met.

As a self-employed professional you need to have triple the discipline and commitment to yourself.

Without a boss to pick on, it’s much easier to procrastinate or just let it go, but with that you end up discouraging the profession for the simple fact of not seeing progress and rewards.

You have full control of your time, but you must be aware of how to use it. In the end what determines a makeup artist’s working hours are the events of her clients, organize yourself to be present at the times they need most, so you will win more clients and consequently you will have more gains.

Have goals like: investing in products, photography equipment, furniture and accessories for your space (if you have one), new specialization courses, etc.

As you work, it is very important to evolve and make your space more and more beautiful and comfortable for you and your clients. With these tips to become a successful makeup artist, you will become a reference, win customers and inspire people.

4 – How much does a professional makeup artist earn per month?

A professional makeup artist who has done a good preparatory course, understands well about her technique, service, knows how to position herself in the market and already has a certain recognition can earn from R $ 5,000 to R $ 15,000.00 (or even more) with assistance from social makeup, brides, self-makeup courses, etc.

Here are some of the factors that determine the value of makeup:

  • Where do you attend;
  • What products do you use;
  • Teaching courses increases your earnings;
  • Makeup style;
  • Target Audience;
  • Number of customers;
  • Speed you make up, etc. (when more calls per day, more earnings)

In view of so many variables, it is impossible to determine an exact gain, but as you realize that the sky is the limit when it comes to profit for makeup artists and the gains are very promising.

5 – How much does a professional makeup artist charge?

This question is very common in makeup artists at the beginning of their careers, that’s why I published here on the blog, an article that talks about exactly that. In this article you see everything about how to determine the value of your makeup. Click here to check it out.

6 – Successful makeup artist: Check-list

Success is built on positive and strategic actions, so I created a checklist with the main points that deserve attention for your career to take off. Take advantage of these tips to become a successful makeup artist.

  • Create goals with deadlines and meet them;
  • Always invest in courses, products, materials, and equipment to constantly evolve;
  • Charge correctly for your service;
  • Network with other professionals in the field;
  • Discover and develop your makeup style and add your personality to it;
  • Be responsible for your clients’ service hours;
  • Always publicize your work
  • Taking care of your appearance is also very important, you are like a showcase of your work.
  • Make partnerships (with other professionals, participate in events, collabs, lives, etc.);

Do not limit yourself to study courses that only offer makeup techniques, seek to have a full understanding of everything that concerns the career of makeup artist, and this involves: Makeup, products, photography, marketing, customer service, personal image, administration, financial management , etc.

7 – Not everything is flowers…

It is very important that you do your best in each service, but remember that we work with people, and you will not always be able to please.

Be aware that this type of situation can occur and be prepared psychologically to act as professionally as possible and not let that discourage you from the career of a professional makeup artist.

Being a makeup artist is a wonderful and rewarding profession that raises people’s confidence and self-esteem.

And believe me, for every 01 person who doesn’t like his job, probably 99 others will leave smiling in his chair.

With all these tips for becoming a successful makeup artist, I am sure that you will feel much more confident and excited for the journey of success in professional makeup.

Always keep in mind that staying focused on the profession as a self-employed professional is a big challenge, but if you are passionate about the profession and the transformation that makeup promotes in people’s lives, you will certainly go far.

Makeup has the power to transform not only the client who has high beauty and safety, but also that of the makeup artist, who can explore her artistic streak, her talents and still make good gains with her.

You are entering a beautiful world, the world of makeup. Be very welcome! Count on me for what you need!

A hug and see you next,

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